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We are currently accepting new clients and have online daytime, evening and weekend appointments available at full and reduced fees.

Linda Nesrallah
Student Intern

Linda is currently completing her internship for her psychotherapy degree with JCT as of September 5, 2023!

Her guidance leans towards wellness from positive psychology and mindfulness-based modalities while using an integrative approach to respect diversity of clients and unique life experiences.

With Linda, knowing that we all face hardships and sometimes need support, you will find a welcoming, empathetic and non-judgemental approach. Together you will navigate the ebbs and flows of life to create a healthy healing process, develop coping skills and explore strengths that lie within.

Linda is also a certified yoga therapeutic instructor and welcomes clients who are interested in supplementing the many benefits of yoga in their therapeutic journey.

Her areas of focus include adoption/foster care, cultural integration, nutrition and psychology and workplace relations.

“The soul would have no rainbow, if the eyes had no tears.” (Native American proverb)

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Photo of Linda Nesrallah
You can also contact me by email at bookings@julieclarketherapy.com to set up an appointment.