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General Mental Health

We aim for the highest level of care possible honouring the work of humans helping humans.

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Continuing to Grow 

In the mid-2000s, Julie Clarke sought training for a second career that involved helping people. Working from an initial course towards her undergraduate degree in her 30s with two small kids in tow, Julie has grown from owning and operating a small private practice in counselling and psychotherapy to an emerging specialized practice.

Our physical location for in-person sessions is Kanata, Ontario, and we offer virtual sessions province-wide.

Areas of Focus


Mental Health

Workplace Stress

Relationship Stress

Working with Our Team 

Prior to 2015, the field of psychotherapy was unregulated in Ontario. During that time, anyone could call themselves a psychotherapist and claim they could help you with your mental health.

At JCT, our team considers it a privilege to be a mental health clinician. We believe that the bar needs to be set high, and the personal and professional integrity of knowing and working within one’s scope of practice is more important now than ever.

In our view, regardless of whether a mental health clinician is a trainee or senior professional, they are committed to a serious daily self-care practice and their own healing journey. This allows them to operate at peak performance in their role as a clinician with Julie Clarke Therapy.

Getting Started.

Taking the first step to improve your mental health might start with a few different lifestyle changes, including making an appointment. Ultimately, this investment in yourself is worth doing and can enhance your quality of life and peace of mind. Our team seeks to ensure our clients feel supported, acknowledged, and understood. Contact us to learn more.

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If you are looking to engage the services of a psychotherapist or master’s level intern, get in touch. Reminder — Sending personal and confidential information via any website contact form can not guarantee privacy. Therefore this is strongly discouraged

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    Land Acknowledgement

    We acknowledge the main practice sites we operate under are on or around the Ottawa area and located on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Anishnaabe territory.

    We further acknowledge the inherent trauma of colonialism and colonization, especially it’s direct impacts on Indigenous peoples, communities and the land. Our land acknowledgement is one small piece towards reconciliation and honouring Indigenous peoples.

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