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We are currently accepting new clients and have online daytime, evening and weekend appointments available at full and reduced fees.


For all appointment sessions virtual or in-person you will be using Jane app. Jane is a secure and encrypted platform** that meets all of Canada’s privacy requirements and laws, more details here. Payments and any communication outside appointments (emails are not private forms of contact or communication) are made directly through Jane.

PRIVACY: **Registered Psychotherapists must adhere to a strict law, regulation and Professional Practice Standard when communicating via technology. The College of Registered Psychotherapists state an RP must conform to their duty to safeguard the personal health information of clients. 

VIRTUAL SERVICES: For virtual tele-mental health and parent consultation sessions online, it is suggested you find a quiet place with no distractions in order to make the most of your time. Generally speaking if you can stream Netflix you can do an online session.

In some instances services are reimbursed by benefit insurance companies. Please talk to Julie about how this works. It is helpful if you know what your policy covers you for – is it Psychological or Psychotherapy services?