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Psychotherapy in Ottawa

We provide mental health services with one-to-one and group psychotherapy, supporting youth, families, and adults in the Ottawa region.

We have a hybrid in-person practice in Kanata and operate virtually across Ontario.

We also serve as a learning environment for new and early career clinicians, seasoned experts, and specialists in the mental health field.

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“The therapeutic relationship is like no other relationship in your life.”

If your personal or professional world is unsettling, it’s time to connect with a professional so you can begin to thrive and not just survive. Our commitment to you is guidance from clinicians with the highest degree of professional and ethical practice.

Taking the first step to getting help can be a difficult one.

We understand the daunting search for a therapist, it can often lead to hopelessness.

You need a therapy partner you easily connect with, and feel heard and supported by.

We offer

Child and Youth Counselling

Individual and Couples Therapy

Group Therapy

Specialized Trauma Support for Operational Stress Injuries

Welcome to our newly renovated and inviting therapy space in Ottawa

“Holding Heavy Things, Lightly”

— T. Case

Floorplan of our new office at 260 Hearst Suite 504

Helping youth and adults explore the challenges and obstacles that keep them from finding wellness and ease in life.

We take pride in our team of interns, early career clinicians and highly experienced senior professionals and advisors — but we are so much more than that!

Leading complex trauma and visionary psychotherapist, Julie Clarke, has handpicked a diverse group of talented, caring and experienced professionals ready to help you grow and flourish as you strive towards your therapeutic goals.

Connection and community are at the core of what we do

Our Heart-led Values

Personalised to you

We are committed to finding the best therapeutic approach for your specific needs

Safe and therapeutic space

Our therapists provide a professional, ethics-based practice that ensures a safe and therapeutic space.

Compassionate professionals

We strive to help people move forward and find balance.

Find your therapist

We believe we all should be looking after our mental health – on both the good and the bad days.

At JCT, we work with youth and adults, helping them with a wide range of difficulties, in an informal, dynamic, and collaborative way, bringing clinical experience to support them as the expert in their own life.

We are a warm and diverse group of professionals registered with relevant governing and accrediting bodies like the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, College of Nurses and the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, all tasked with helping you feel more yourself.