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Parenting…Who? Podcast

Parenting…Who? aims to connect individuals, parents, caregivers and professionals with news and information that pertains to parenting, mental health, mental health wellness and all that in between has to offer!

The idea for a podcast came to me because I wanted an opportunity to share my knowledge, insights and information. So many individuals are struggling with or are challenged, even if from time to time, with aspects of mental health or mental health wellness and finding balance in their lives.  I wanted to spend some time connecting to my passion which is helping people.

I love listening to informative podcasts and I hope that this podcast can be a great resource for you or someone you know. For the initial, raw and completely unedited podcast episode you get an opportunity to get to know me for me, how I found myself becoming a therapist; my journey as a mature student and parent venturing into the world of University studies. It was a very big decision with a huge pay off in the end and I am happy to be here. This podcast has been in the works for some time and here it is!