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Episode 10

Evanye Lawson, Licensed Psychotherapist, shares how she came to about her work in ‘The Self Love Center’, a space she created for people pleasers, worriers, over-thinkers and people tired of doing the same old things in their life. For people who describe themselves as unhappy and just want to be free from pain, hurt and fear.

Are ‘core wounds’ running the show for you? Evanye speaks about how having friction in your life is necessary to grow and through this process she asks people ‘What stories are you telling yourself?” and how not to get lost in their stories which ultimately can become a big part of their identity and how to get out of this space; feel more peace and accept where you are. Loving yourself is part of your story and Evanye helps you to learn where to look to find this!

Show Notes:
(free class starting May 6 2018!)