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Episode 21

In this last episode for season 1 of #Parenting…Who? Podcast Julie takes a bit of time in the intro today to talk about her podcasting experience and an idea moving forward for a season 2 episode. Our guest in today’s podcast is Traci Pirri from homeforthejourney.org. Traci is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Austin Texas. She coaches families and individuals on all parts related to the adoption triad – the adopted parent, the adoptee as well as birth parent support. Traci has an interesting perspective as an adoptive parent herself and listen as she delves into the intricate and often times sensitive areas of taking that huge leap of faith called adoption – whatever that may look like for you. Be sure to leave a comment in iTunes for #Parenting…Who? Podcast – we want to hear from you! And stay tuned for season 2 which will be launched later in the Fall of 2018. Thank you everyone for your on-going support.

Please note, any and all information provided by this podcast should not be used as a substitute to seeking professional guidance that may be relevant to your own personal situation. This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for mental health therapy.

Show Notes:

Traci Pirri’s website: http://hopeforthejourney.org/

Dr. Melvin Varghese – Selling the Couch Podcast https://sellingthecouch.com/

Adoption Knowledge – https://www.adoptionknowledge.org/

Adoption Council of Canada – http://www.adoption.ca/post-adoption-support–training

Patrick Bazinet – https://www.patrickbazinet.com