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Episode 26

Julie chats today with Laura Khoudari, a New York City based trauma informed certified personal trainer. In this episode Julie connects with a colleague who is currently training in Somatic Experiencing trauma work. Laura’s mission is to increase access to somatic-based treatment for women and genderqueer individuals living with trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain in order to help them restore healthy nervous system function, touch into their innate resilience, improve their quality of life, and begin to thrive!

Please note, any and all information provided by this podcast should not be used as a substitute to seeking professional guidance that may be relevant to your own personal situation. This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for mental health therapy.

Show Notes:

The Body Keeps Score by Bessel Van der Kolk

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Jane Clapp

Nervous System and Window of Tolerance

The Breathe Network is a resource for survivors of sexual violence

Instagram: @laurakhoudari 
Medium: https://medium.com/@laura.khoudari
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laurakcpt
Website: laurakhoudari.com