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Neva Walden
Counsellor and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

Neva moved to Ottawa, ON from Buffalo, NY in 2022 and is pursuing certification as a Canadian counsellor and registration as a psychotherapist in Ontario.  She is currently under Clinical Supervision by a qualified Registered Psychotherapist.

Neva is a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor with 35 years of experience as a college professor and private practice in New York State.  Both in education and counselling, she draws on each person’s strengths as they work together to address client concerns.  Listening, humour, presence and tender guidance characterize her work. She and her clients build safety together. To do this, she uses a variety of somatic approaches to help clients move toward experiencing themselves as whole and worthy. Sessions may involve one or a combination of talking, movement, awareness exercises, and breathwork. As clients’ emotions, sensations, and understanding are supported, they can heal, grow and increase resilience.

Neva has extensive experience with clients facing relationship issues, sexual and physical abuse, adoption concerns, climate change anxiety, spiritual dilemmas, developmental trauma, chronic pain and illness, aging and death. With clients ranging in age from their twenties through nineties, she loves to work with the challenges of progressing from adulthood to middle age to old age. These include establishing/re-establishing committed relationships, divorce, career change/loss/retirement, empty nest, resolving past trauma, declining physical health, and facing loss and death. Neva brings counselling skills and presence to enhance the meaning of life at each stage and support her clients emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs.

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